Forgive us, dear one, for being in pain when you wish to see us in joy.

Angel in human form, returning to where you came from, knowing you can still be in touch.
It may be hard to understand why the rest of us get so sad and scared.  

We love you so much, and want so badly for you to stay with us in physical form.

May your presence, in body and spirit, remind us of our strength and purpose here in this world, help us see and savor the beauty in each moment, and teach us how connected we all are in spirit.
May you guide us to be the best that we can be.

If your mission is complete – here on earth, for this lifetime, then may these words send you off with gratitude that surpass our deep sorrow, as we allow our hearts to expand with love and fill with light.  

If you are to be here with us longer, may these sounds bring you ease and comfort as you fight through this battle, and help summon healing and support from all corners of this world and beyond.

© 2018 Misa Christina