The Curious Nature of Manifestation

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Have you been trying to manifest certain desires in your life without too much success?

In this previous post, I share that I was having some success in manifesting, but definitely not in the way that I had imagined.  And in some ways, it was better than imagined!

Noticing that there are various approaches to the process and varying degrees of success out there, I took the opportunity to dig deeper, and present this to you not as an absolute guide, but points of consideration to use as food for thought and possible solutions to help you get unstuck and moving forward in your path.

  • WHY the hype around Manifestation?
  • The CHICKEN And The EGG
  • Your Level of Faith In DIVINE ORCHESTRATION
  • The Dan Tien and Focusing Power
  • YOUR Path
  • WHO’s Right?


WHY the hype around Manifestation?

Why not?
It seem fairly natural, just part of human nature, to look for the key to our problems, and to want easy answers and easy solutions to the challenges of life.

But it also seems reflective of a cultural trend for instant gratification and quick fixes.   In her article here, Rosy Aronson says we are obsessed with it especially in our Western culture, and goes further into Human Design and its connection to manifestation.  I’ve had similar thoughts, that there may be more than ideal amounts of focus on manifestation in our culture.

Or… is it a reflection of our shift in consciousness, of a new paradigm where we CAN move with more joy and ease through life and still reach success?  Is it an extension of our limited beliefs lifting, as we continue to expand individually and collectively?

As someone who can identify with having lived a lot of my life mindlessly, or from a purely reactional stance, unaware of my power to choose and co-create, there is a huge appeal to approaching life with intention, direction, and drive.
I can’t say I’ve mastered it, but I am a fan of living mindfully.
For living on purpose.
For conscious creation.
Recognizing the choices we have in any moment and taking empowered and conscious actions.  And I’m also in favor of dreaming big and going after our dreams.

But perhaps we face unnecessary struggle when our intention, direction and drive are derived from a fear based ego-level, where we feel we must fight for our own interests at all times, from an individualized stance that is distant and disconnected from the whole, when we get so attached to certain outcomes being in place ‘before we can be happy’ that problems arise…  and when chasing happiness keeps us from the happiness available to us now.

I do believe that at the very heart of any desire we conjure with our minds, lies an essence of wanting to feel a certain way that is healthy and aligned for us – for spiritual nourishment and expansion.  I also believe that this feeling that we seek is available for access even without the desired material or situation, though these outcomes can help enhance and support the feeling (if it’s the right ones).

Even those who wish others harm, at some level, aren’t they wishing it because they long for a certain feeling, whether it’s some sense of love, worth, respect, power, etc.?  It’s just the form in which this is delivered to us that may often be quite different than what we expect.  I mean, radically different.  As in, thinking that owning a certain item will make you super happy, when in fact it was a fulfilling relationship that would fulfill this yearning, or wanting a certain amount of income increase in order to pay off your debt when in fact there may be money waiting for you through means other than income, and so on.
It’s possible the majority of us frequently miss the various opportunities for our wishes to be fulfilled because we are so hooked on it happening a certain way.

In what ways can you hone in on the deepest part of your desire, and release the rest of the details to –  the how, the what and/or the timing?  I know that this may – on the surface – contradict the many teachers who tell you to be very specific and detailed in your visions…

Perhaps the details are there to help you with the creative visioning process, with allowing yourself to play big with your imagination, with helping you believe and expect in the ‘realness’ of the situation, and assisting you to connect to and amplify your emotions of happiness.  So long as you are connecting passionately and joyfully, and believe in its arrival wholeheartedly, letting go of the specifics may help you become available to noticing and receiving the gift when it actually arrives in an unexpected form.



It’s true that many sources on the law of attraction include that you need to learn to accept the current reality and find happiness within your current reality as a part of the manifestation process.  Which is SO beautiful, empowering, and… an extremely tall order, especially considering that most people turn to the law of attraction because they are unhappy with their current reality!

On her law of attraction coaching website, Kelli Cooper offers her take on the matter here.  Her main point is that how we feel is the key throughout the process, encourage us to pursue any thought and action “so long as you are not doing these things with a sense of trying to control outcomes, and decide on the ‘how.’”  She might be right, as with many other teachers who stress this point, but I just think it’s funny, since many of us turn so eagerly to the promise of manifestation as a result of wanting to have a controlled outcome in life, in the manner that we desire.  We’re not happy with what is currently presenting, so we want to manifest differently, but in order to manifest differently, we must first become happy (or at least ‘make peace’) with what is.

Can you shift your focus to finding contentment in the current state of things, and let the new manifestations arrive simply as beauty in the nowa byproduct?   You might take a look around and find joy and gratitude in ‘what surrounds you,’ but it’s really an internal process, of feeling love for oneself that is so deep, and of connecting to and embodying the divine within.  This may not bring you absolute mastery in creating any and every desire that arises, nor may it bring you feelings of control, but when you are feeling and embodying love for self and life at such level, you are no longer seeking in the same way and it won’t matter to you.  Matt Kahn, author of Whatever Arises, Love That – A Love Revolution That Begins with You, describes this so beautifully in this  6 minute video.
He even has a video titled: Why You’re Not Screwing Up The Law of Attraction (much longer video, an interview).

Finding happiness in the journey itself is a rather feminine approach, like sex that is non-goal-oriented, where orgasm is an enjoyable and likely byproduct of being present to the pleasure and connection throughout the lovemaking.




It’s beautiful to hear of spiritual teachers whose agendas originate not from a place of personal desire, but from a place of deep surrender to a higher source and tuning into whatever ‘it’s’ plans are.  Michael A. Singer, author of The Surrender Experiment, and Michael Bernard Beckwith, at Agape International Spiritual Center are two figures whose stories demonstrate this well.  In a sense, their deep trust in the divine allows their personal desires to become one and the same with ‘the bigger plan’.
Myself included, many of us take our personal and ego driven desires, and try to line it up with spiritual guidance as a secondary step.

While I do believe in digging in and exploring the wisdom lying within our ego driven desires, and that our desires always carry beautiful insights that can guide us, asking for spiritual guidance on how to fulfill our personal agendas seems different from arriving at our agendas by tuning into directions from a place of total trust and surrender to a higher power and its plans – one that often makes no sense to our minds, at least not immediately.
Vishen Lakhiani from Mindvalley Academy discusses the 4 levels of consciousness that influence our process of manifestation.

Surrendering to the unknown and to it’s collective agenda requires deep trust, a level which I can’t say that I have on a regular basis…
Much of the time, it’s a lot more tempting to look for control over the outcome, to be a master of manifesting whatever I want instead of trusting in another force to take care of what’s best for me.

There are people who are highly skilled at manifesting their desires, yet feel empty inside even after successful manifestation, or they find their creations to be short lived.
And there are also occasions when we don’t learn to be happy with what is and STILL the item on our manifestation list appears.
And sometimes you can have all the essential ‘manifestation’ steps in place and yet your wishes don’t come true – or haven’t yet…

Maybe they are just on their way and it’s taking way longer than you hoped.
Maybe it has to do with all the other people involved and their agendas, how it’s all playing out, in divine timing.
And maybe your subconscious beliefs continue to sabotage your conscious intentions.

The fundamentals and wisdom of life might be distilled into simple truths that our minds can grasp, but how it all plays out in this reality is intricate, and highly individual.  

In a culture where the pursuit of personal growth and mastery is becoming increasingly popular, and scientific research CAN provide powerful insights, it may be extra vital to remind ourselves that while so many pieces of wisdom out there all have their place, exactly which piece will help you now all depends on your personal makeup, your path, the stage and season you are in…

Despite what the numerous how-to’s and ‘proven formulas’ popularly marketed may have you believe, life happens in all sorts of ways, at different times for each of us.

It’s easy to draw conclusions in our daily lives as to which action had an effect on what outcome, based on our biased perceptions and expectations…  but this doesn’t promise accuracy.  With so many variables at play in life, it’s hard to be sure exactly which efforts and actions truly made the difference… or the exact combination, order, and timing.

Life is like that.  We can try so hard to organize it, compartmentalize it, make it feel that we are in total control… and there are definitely distilled steps or non-linear guidelines that guide you towards an optimal track for the highest chances of success, but the exact when and how of life’s gifts and solutions will remain a mystery.

How comfortable are you with embracing whatever your situation is as a divinely orchestrated and beautiful path, just for you and exactly to support your growth?  


The Dan Tien and Focusing Power

In the show Stranger Things, on Netflix, the character El – gifted with what you might call super powers – focuses her mind and energy to make things happen.  I recognized the act as a familiar sensation, though I’d forgotten it for a long time.

In my childhood, and rarely with my partner, when a situation pushes my buttons enough and my inner child feels cornered, I’ve become adamant about having my way, one way or another.  In that instant, I feel myself focusing with tenacity on holding my ground.  It’s physically tangible, a feeling of pulling in energy from in and around me with all my power and letting it consolidate with the intention.  The energy is very much grounded in the physical body, but it’s far more than simply being grounded.

As far as I can recall, it’s always worked, except usually not with lasting happiness or resulting in the deepest of joys.  I received – or at least perceived – the message that I was being self-centered, stubborn, or unwanted, or faced a partner who is feeling compromised and cooperates but with much resistance.

But this was when accessing my creational force from a compromised and unhappy state.
I likely tried to protect myself by writing off the method, as I hadn’t tried using it under different circumstances.
What if I use this focusing of energy from a calmer, more loving state?

Here are a couple online sources that link successful manifestation with the dan tien, and the descriptions match what I notice happening in my body when engaged in this process.
If you are interested in finding out more:
Here is one by Sam at Integrated Wellness – scroll to the second half of the page.
And here is page 41 of the book, Rose Coloured Glasses,  by Rose Gardener.  



I’d forgotten.
Years ago, I had consulted an astrologer who had come highly recommended.  It was my first time.  I hadn’t been particularly interested in the past, my astrological experiences being limited to the broad assessments offered by those who merely take in your sun sign.  But having studied the Enneagram and experiencing profound insights and inner healing, I was motivated to meet this man who was also knowledgable in both these studies.

At the end of the reading, he told me that given my chart, if he could consolidate what he sees into one theme, it would be this:
Letting go.

Ahh.  I see.
Not to suggest that we should become single focused in our spiritual growth, or become so fixated that we become blinded to all other information, it may have served me to stay more focused on following my own path.

We live in a culture that goes crazy over a set formula that promises happiness, health, wealth, anything!
As mentioned earlier, there are numerous pieces of wisdom available to us, and the most helpful message for you, at this very moment, may or may not be the one that is currently circulating in magazines or discussed in the news.

What works for YOU?  What makes YOU happy?  
Are there areas in your life where you keep trying to fit your path into some mold, based on other people’s success?  
There is no need to reinvent the wheel, if that wheel works for you.  And there’s nothing wrong with being aware of what is popular or currently grabbing people’s attention.  Just remember to keep closely in touch with your intuition.


WHO’s Right?

Do the various teachings contradict each other?
Did I mention I also enjoy listening to the work of Abraham Hicks, which focuses on getting into the Vortex?

By bringing up these various teachers and their points of view, my intention is not to point out whose wisdom is the correct one, or that any of the information you’ve been following is inherently wrong.  I’ll let you be the judge of that.  It could very well be the same thing view from unique angles, or that the aligned wisdom or information is different for each person, depending on your path and what you need to hear at a given time.

It would be interesting to hear different schools of thought be in a live discussion with each other around this and related topics involving the divine.  Maybe we’ll invite Eckhart Tolle as well.  And the spirit of Dr. Wayne Dyer.
And I’d love to see you there too 🙂
Meanwhile, let’s start our own discussion.