Simple Path to a Vibrational Lift

16 Oct No Comments Misa spirituality

Do this, think these thoughts, then imagine this, and shift this, now ponder this, and…  and… hmmm, I’m somehow feeling tense.  I wonder why.  

You may have discovered that there are many ways to re-center, reconnect, and raise our vibration.  Walking meditation, simple mindfulness, chanting, dancing…  the list goes on.
You may have also realized that some work way better for you than others, and at different times.

I tend to rotate or change up my methods from time to time, trying new ones, going back to old favorites.
Being highly visual, I often opt for processes that involve creative visualizations.

But sometimes I get too stuck in my head, just trying to follow my intentions and instructions for setting up a balanced and optimal energetic state.  I don’t ‘think’ I’m getting too heady, because I’m so accustomed to being in this state, but I can feel it in my body.  I feel tense.  I feel heavy and dense.

This simple method that I’ll describe below, when I feel called to use it, always surprises me at how simple and quick it is to enter states of relative and prolonged bliss.

Our bodies know what it wants in order to feel good and function at its best, but so often we get in the way via our thoughts -conscious and subconscious.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Talk to my body.   “How do you want to feel?”  “How do you want me to carry you?”  “Regardless of anything that’s going on in life, what feels best to you?  How much tension/pressure feels good?  What posture feels best?”  “Show me what ‘fabulous’ feels like.”  “What does blissful feel like?  Will you demonstrate that feeling for me right now, so I can feel it?”
  2. Which ever question works best, I simply keep this intention as my guiding compass throughout the day, to allow the body to show me what optimal feels like, to keep checking in and letting it guide how I feel.  I don’t focus on any other intention or thought as my baseline for joy and balance.

At other times in my life, I might be focusing on fixing my grounding, realigning my chakra energies, should I intend a protective layer around me and if so what does it look like, what emotions am I processing right now, and what affirmative question or thought would help me best, and so on.   These, and many other intentions, can be just as wonderful to use, but when I practice this method, I tend let them all go, and just focus on letting my body guide me.  From a place of body-bliss, if other thoughts and emotions arise, I happily process them from there.

It can bring up fears.  For many of us, it’s scary to stop ‘trying’ to control life, to surrender and relax when so much is going on with so many unknowns.  This act of trying to control can keep us very busy in our mental space, not only resulting in more tension, but also leaving our bodies ignored in each moment.  If it feels scary, there’s no need to push yourself.  As you become comfortable aligning yourself this way, you might be surprised at how life goes on even when you let go and relax in your body, and it goes much better too!

*As always, methods, solutions, and suggestions are offered merely as a possibility for you.  Our paths are unique and our systems continually shifting, so I invite you to tune in to your own internal compass and judgement and make modifications to suits you.  Let me know if you need help tuning in!

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