Being a Vibrational Antenna

17 Nov No Comments Misa spirituality

Recently I’ve been using a new approach to generating joy, of maintaining well-being, and staying in high vibration.  I’ve been loving it so much, I wanted to share it with you!

Like many, I process a lot through my visual senses, and seem to be particularly sensitive to the aesthetics of things around me.  The great part is that I receive uncommon amounts of joy from watching the sunset, scenic views, decor, and so on.

There is a downside.  Can you guess?
As much as I admire and aspire to be like those who see beauty in absolutely everything in sight, there’s a lot that my visual senses don’t take in as beautiful.  Conceptually, I can pause and look for the positive in each view, but my immediate response to these sights is not one of delight.  It’s sort of like getting caught up on the unappealing looks of the person you’re with, that you’re missing the beautiful energy they carry as a person.
Garbage cans and trash waiting to be picked up, the exhaust coming out of the cars, unkept buildings, uninspiring architecture, clutter…  I’m not a big neat freak, probably because it’s too much trouble to keep up with all the messes that get created as I move through my day, and because I like some homeyness… but still.  I love picturesque!  My standards are high, and it seems I’m always looking to be inspired by what I see.

Living and traveling in locations that are picturesque is a great help, but not always practical, and even then, there is always the mess or unsightly components of human civilization and daily living.  Plus, I like to feel free to explore the world and connect to people, not be limited by my ‘sensitivities’ however much possible.

light air subtle energy vibration antennaThe Current Solution:
The new solution involves knowing – or strongly believing – that high vibrations are available anywhere in my surroundings.  Though it may be harder to access depending on environmental influences and your own state, energy in this sense is not bound by time and space.

I also let my senses tap into the memories of higher vibration, some of them clear and distinct memories – experiences of channeling and receiving higher energy with the support of spiritual teachers and healers, and others are vague sensory recollections that my system remembers from an accumulation of memories – certain locations that held an uplifting feeling, nature, gorgeous sights, joyful events and interactions with others, etc..  I’m not working hard to recall detailed memories.  Rather, my senses have a general knowing of what to look for.  I say my ‘senses’ and not my body, since the sensation goes beyond my physical body and what we normally call the 5 senses, tuning into subtle energy realms.

I let this be my compass, and basically become an antennae using my whole being.  At any given point – when I’m aware – I’m searching for and tuning to the highest vibration available in and around me.

Sunlight can be a huge help, in its physical presence, but also by recalling the warm light and then calling this energy into the present through intention.

You could say that I’m tuning into the highest vibration available.  You could say that I’m calling it in via intention.  You could say that I’m imagining it.  Regardless of what’s technically happening, it works.

Not just when the visible world is unsightly.
It also helps with situations that aren’t to your liking.  It helps by refocusing you to the unseen beauty that is present.  Similar to always looking for the silver lining in the situation, but not necessarily from a mental space using logic, but from a sensory space that doesn’t require justification.

Not to dismiss the intellect.  It’s just that many of us are often spending way too much time there already, neglecting the rest of our precious and useful system.  I like it precisely for getting myself out of my head, and reincorporating with the rest of me. And it feels so pleasant too 🙂

It’s also not to dismiss the incredible joys we can receive through visual beauty.  If it’s available to you, savor it by all means!

Do you notice that it’s easy to focus on the negative when you’re not being mindful?
That’s pretty natural when operating primarily from your basic survival needs, but you can retrain this pattern with consistency, and this is one option.

Let us know your experience, or if this sparks any ideas of your own that could work 🙂
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*As always, methods, solutions, and suggestions are offered merely as a possibility for you.  Our paths are unique and our systems continually shifting, so I invite you to tune in to your own internal compass and judgement and make modifications to suits you.  Let me know if you need help tuning in!