Private Support


Similar to the group program, but this is for the mama who feels a bit too shy or sensitive to join a group, and more comfortable receiving one-on-one support.

The process will be tailored to you and you alone, to:

  • heal the wounds and traumas around singing,
  • to renew your relationship to singing, and
  • reconnect with the power and beauty of your voice.


Comments From Mamas

… I noticed also that I’m starting to sing to myself in silence, which I tried for something else this week and it worked, a little like a magic spell 😉


… I enjoy having the opportunity to try my voice out in a playful way, nothing has to be perfect, it´s ok as it is, and that’s so relieving.

Dear Misa,
thank you! I enjoyed today’s lesson very much!
The exercise felt really beautiful.

I enjoyed it very much to be introduced to singing in such a fun and playful way with you. Thank you
for giving me also some opportunities to choose from, that was really nice that I could say what I
wanted and also that it’s ok to say no. I feel to have so much going on at the moment and some
days it’s getting all very hard, but this helped me very much today …

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