Bedside Sound Healing and Lullaby Service



Young children are especially receptive to sounds, making sound healing an incredibly nourishing addition to standard medical care. During visits to hospitals and hospices, anywhere from a few minutes to 20 minutes is spent by the bedside of each child, adjusting to the particular needs and responses of the child.




Responses To Misa’s Singing


BabyBlanketWhen you were singing for my little Rex, I saw an image of my baby gently wrapped by your voice, like a blanket.  As a tired mom, I felt healed by your voice as well!         

Luna Ren          Mother & Psychologist          China



Eduardo T.Her singing is like the soft caresses of loving hands.
Like the tight embrace of a mother’s eternal spiral of love;  with every breath she releases so freely.
Tenate Aria          Caregiver          Berkeley, CA





I have been blessed to be surrounded and embraced by the healing magic in Misa’s singing. Her voice vibrates with the rhythm of the Universe, in the highest levels of love and compassion.
Daniel Hawk          Intuitive Astrologer at           Oakland, CA




SaraBobkoffMisa, I would like to let you know just how much an effect your songs have.
I have two cats who are a little over 7 months.  The male cat is a real character – one big loverboy who is a good-hearted troublemaker and havoc-wreaker.  Just before I had hit ‘play’ on your ‘Meandering toward calmness’, our big boy had crawled up onto the top of our bookshelves where he has a tendency to clumsily knock over our photo frames.  I was just about to get up to take him off when he suddenly stopped in his tracks, turned to look towards where the sounds were coming from, and then ever so slowly started tip-toeing over to where my laptop was.  He then plunked himself down, curled up next to me, nuzzled his head against me and fell into a glorious cat nap.  I mean, cats are amazingly sensitive animals in everything from their physical sensitivity (their skin, hair and whiskers) to their emotional intelligence to their acute sensitivity to sound.
This is no small thing.
My cat simply does not do acts of courtesy.
Sara Bobkoff          Netherlands


Rebecca Sophia
Misa’s singing touched my heart in a very profound way.  It had a primal sound to it.  I felt that in those few minutes she went straight to where the buried pain was, that I didn’t even know I had… dug it up and healed it.  The whole experience sounded and felt like a mother wiping away her child’s tears & telling them that she loved them & that everything would be ok…
The healing I got from it was amazing.  Thank you Misa.  You truly have a gift that you must share with the world.              Rebecca Sophia           Australia


Megan Kopp

As someone who is familiar with classical training but having received none myself, I knew your voice would be beautiful.  But the tenderness, the nurturing, the sheer power of the song itself and of how your voice drew me- and everyone else- into the moment, was completely unexpected.
The uninhibited tears felt natural and necessary, and I knew that it was something that I had been missing from my nurturing as a child.
I keep telling people I wish I had taken a video of it, because EVERYONE should get a chance to hear such a beautiful gift.             Megan Kopp         Singer and Health Coach          Santa Clarita, CA


10565011_10154523568580495_989385089279834922_nMisa is a ball of love. I had the pleasure of receiving one of her nurturing lullabies and it felt so good to be held in her loving arms and rocked like a baby.  Misa carries a deep and profound healing power through her ability to nurture and connect with women.  I am grateful for her healing work in this world. 

    Amanda Moxley,   The Healthy Wealthy Biz



pinknautilusThe power of Misa’s singing is derived from her wish to express the beauty and healing power of music, and she brings such joy in her deliverance.  She is a gifted musician, and her rich tones reflect her deep compassion for humanity as well as her ethereal and spiritual nature.

Sara N.          Singer & Arts Administrator          New York, NY





Message To The Children

To You, My Child

Forgive us, dear one, for being in pain when you wish to see us in joy.

Angel in human form, returning to where you came from, knowing you can still be in touch.
It may be hard to understand why the rest of us get so sad and scared.  

We love you so much, and want so badly for you to stay with us in physical form.

May your presence, in body and spirit, remind us of our strength and purpose here in this world, help us see and savor the beauty in each moment, and teach us how connected we all are in spirit.
May you guide us to be the best that we can be.

If your mission is complete – here on earth, for this lifetime, then may these words send you off with gratitude that surpass our deep sorrow, as we allow our hearts to expand with love and fill with light.  

If you are to be here with us longer, may these sounds bring you ease and comfort as you fight through this battle, and help summon healing and support from all corners of this world and beyond.




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