When It Matters, It Can Be Scary

25 Aug No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

What is that one thing you would love to do, yet you’re terrified?

I knew I had to sing.  But I was terrified.

Why?  Because it mattered to me.  It’s my passion, my joy, my gift to the world.  Even though it’s intended to be in the spirit of joy and service, singing is so fundamental to my existence and how I value myself that it created a need to gain recognition and approval, to have it received well, to ensure I have continued opportunities to share my voice with the world.  No pressure, right?!

When It Matters, It Can Be Scary

Our purpose in this life includes the successful sharing of our talents and special qualities with this world.  And we want to do a good job.  That means we can get attached to a successful outcome, putting us in an emotional bind.

When you refrain from pursuing your dreams, you feel like something is missing – you are not fully satisfied with yourself and your life.  On the other hand, going for your dreams can be just as daunting, in a whole new way.  Sometimes we are loaded with fears and limited beliefs that we’re not even fully aware of what our dreams are – we don’t fully allow ourselves to dream.  Or we dismiss it and write it off as something for lucky people, or that it’s too idealistic to think that all our wishes come true.  At other times, our fears are masked in fatigue, addictions, and other situations we create for escape and avoidance.

Maybe there are emotions other than fear that are keeping you from moving forward.  Perhaps you think yourself incapable, or undeserving.  Whatever the emotion or thought may be, if there is a deeply seated longing in you, a passion that has never truly died, a desire that you know you’ll be regretting on your deathbed if you don’t give it a thorough try, then you’ve got to explore it.

Focus On Service

Instead of focusing on whether you’ll succeed or not, or how well it will go, try focusing on how you will serve others as a result of your pursuit.

Are your dreams not the ‘service’ kind ?
Think again.
Even if you don’t directly engage with anyone, your happy energy will lift the rest of the world simply through vibration.
When you are being courageous, honoring yourself by pursuing your passions, you will be in a high state that will positively influence any encounters that you may have.  Your stories might later inspire others to pursue their own passions.  And you never know who will be touched by your smile.
Attaining a state of happiness is not a selfish act.  You will have more space in your heart to give, more energy, and a healthier perspective, to those who are ready to receive.  It is ultimately a huge service to the rest of the world.

Find Others To Join You

Consider joining forces with others who share your passion and aspirations.
If you are dreaming of feeling healthy and fit despite being unhealthy much of your life, find others who are also going for it.
If you are trying to raise money for a dream opportunity, find a buddy who’s also trying to raise funds.
If you are hoping to start your own business, find others who are looking into it and encourage each other.
There is power in being able to share the challenges, find solutions together, and ride each other’s forward momentum.

Go For It

Need to take a break from chasing your dream to release some heat, take time to reflect, and recalibrate from the challenge thus far? Do it.  If you do it with awareness and intention, it’s not the same as giving up or ignoring your dreams.  If you’r not ready, you’re not ready, and trying to force it won’t get you there.

Need to change your environment to inspire you?  Need to surround yourself with people who uplift you and help you get there? Need to create new habits and turn around your mindset?  Go for it.

Enjoy Receiving Help

There is so much you can do on your own.  And there are certain things you need to do on your own.  But we’re here in this world to help and be helped.  Life is short, so take advantage of the help around you and make the most of all you have.

There is help;  you can seek help through your spiritual guides and angels, information online, books, and courses.  Plus, there are many powerful coaches that can guide and support you through the process.  Go for it.  You can do it.

The photo at top shows the wedding crowd that I stood in front of, shaky-kneed with tangible adrenaline coursing through me.  I did it.  And I’m so glad I did.  Especially now, knowing that I went for it, and will keep going for it.

What are your dreams?  What’s in your way?  What you are doing to get there?