When In Doubt…

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When In Doubt, Go For Some.

I’m talking about meditation.
How often do you decide not to meditate because of a shortage of time, ultimately to be sacrificing the quality of the rest of your day?

Those days when you wake up late, didn’t plan enough time, have some unexpected demands appear, or find it hard to imagine planning in time for meditation since you’re already so busy.

The Key Is
Intention.  If your time is limited, you can intend for this meditation to focus NOT on going deep into all your core issues, fears, and traumas, to do heavy duty systemic cleansing, but to focus on tuning yourself to be in optimal condition for the task at hand, on being able to stay tapped in to your highest self throughout your busy day.

Would you be in even better shape for what follows if you got to do the deeper work as well?  Possibly.  But you don’t have time.  Now’s not the time.  And that’s okay.  The art is in trusting that you are at the right place at the right time, that you are never dealt what you cannot handle.  Take what you have, and do what you can.  Do your best, and know that that’s enough.

You’ll be surprised how even one minute can start improving how you feel, how well you can navigate the situations that present throughout the day, and ultimately how smoothly the day goes.

One minute is better than none. 5 minutes is better than one.   You’ve go to assess your situation.
Don’t miss your plane because you insisted on meditating for 3 hours when you weren’t finished packing.  But also know that the same packing and thereon after will likely go much more smoothly if you spend even a few minutes of focused time in meditation.

In fact, here’s a story from a busy mother who realized how meditating changed her life for the better, and more tips to follow on how to make this happen!

What is YOUR method of squeezing in meditation when you know the clock is ticking?