Is Your Life Not Getting Easier? What Piece Are You Missing?

11 Nov No Comments Misa Miscellaneous
A lady once told me that despite her spiritual pursuits, her life hadn’t gotten any easier, since new challenges were continually revealed with each new advancement.
Her words have stayed with me for years.
Was she in the middle of a particularly challenging growth spurt?  Or was she having difficulty accessing a piece of the puzzle?

New challenges do continue to appear in our lives at each and every stage.
And life is not a straight line.  There will always be times when you feel lower than you were before.
But overall, things generally get smoother when you begin to master being a pilot in your own life.  The climate and conditions may not always be ideal, but you know what to check for, you know how to prepare, and you know how to steer.  You are also better at influencing situations to be more ideal.

“As you align with The Higher Will, your life will become more harmonious and satisfying”
– Sanaya Roman

Do Sanaya’s Roman’s words ring true to you?

Looking back, you realize you would not have responded to the situation nearly as smoothly in the past, or recovered as quickly and fully, gaining as much insight or strength in the process.
You’ll become better at creating a life that you enjoy, and you bring more positive influence to others.
And you realize that the skill and strength required to pull yourself back up to a state of happiness have grown.  Isn’t that what we want ultimately?  To feel happy, and to be able to maintain that state as consistently as possible?

I don’t know anyone who, after years of self development and growth, say they regret evolving, or that their effort put into consciously choosing to learn from each experience and stretch oneself was a waste!
I’m technically contradicting myself, after what the lady had said to me.  Not to be critical of her progress, but I believe she had yet to experience personal evolution in a big way.  Or maybe she was simply emphasizing how life is never downright EASY no matter what stage you enter.

If you truly do the work and grow, the benefits will speak for themselves.  Just like meditation, once you start to notice the positive difference it brings to your life, you don’t want to go back!  Like meditation, once you start noticing the difference it makes in your life, you want to keep accessing more, despite the effort.

I definitely have challenges that show up that make me groan.  The You’ve-Gotta-Be-Kidding-Me kind.
But I keep coming back to approaching each stage with spiritual growth in mind because it’s a life changer.  You can read more about my journey thus far here, but simply put, I’m quite a different person.  Sure, I have a loooooong way to go, but I’m undoubtedly stronger, wiser, more relaxed, and much much happier!

So, how do you align with The Higher Will?
“… be willing to have your life take on a higher order.  Be open to allowing and accepting good things into your life.  Believe you deserve to have the best life you can imagine.”
Only problem is, we have so many distractions and subconscious thoughts that block us from regularly and fully being in this state.  If you take to heart that your outer reality is a good indicator of the beliefs you hold subconsciously and how you are operating day to day, this will give you big clues on where to start working.  Teaming up with a coach or mentor can help tremendously to help uncover the piece you are looking for to move forward in life, whether it’s a thought pattern that needs uncovering and changing, a need for new and better habits, finding more support in your days, building confidence in yourself, and so many more ways that could help turn the key to more ease.

As Sanaya says, life will get more harmonious and satisfying as you progress, so don’t get disheartened.  Jump back on the wagon whenever you fall out, and keep going!

(quotes taken from book – Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self, by Sanaya Roman, pages 39&40)