The Story Behind Letting Go

31 Mar No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

“I knew I should just let go…  I could feel the poison spreading throughout my body.  My neck and shoulders ached from tension, my mood plummeted, and the days to come suddenly looked darker.  I felt crappy.  The day was going relatively well, until this.

Let it go, I hear.  I’m trying.  Despite a voice in me saying it was the mature, evolved way to handle this, I couldn’t let go.  It just wasn’t rolling off my shoulders.  When I would come close to letting go, I realized there was fear.  Something in me seemed convinced that insisting on my misery was the way to liberation.  As if impressing upon the world the misery it was causing in me would create a recall on the upsetting information!

It started with the information entering my awareness, then my interpretations of it, even worries about what this might mean for my future, all snowballing into enormous emotional tension that gripped with firm hands.”

Do you  know the feeling?

Thankfully, this doesn’t happen anymore for me, at least not as easily or frequently.
Here’s my take on why:

  1. EFT:  Emotional Freedom Technique, aka tapping is suddenly my best friend.  I didn’t use it much all these years, but recently I’ve found easy ways to incorporate it in my days at a moment’s notice.  Out of all the possible points, there are a couple that help me significantly in releasing the built up emotional energy from my body (I can feel it – feels so good!), and I can now just imagine tapping those to get a relatively strong response, especially if I’m in public and tapping in front of others isn’t ideal.
  2. Golden shower:  In addition to EFT, I sometimes imagine a golden shower of divine energy (or light) transforming the washing away the negative energy, transforming it into positive energy as it does this, and cleansing my whole space (in and around my body).
  3. Questioning my thoughts:  What meaning am I assigning to this situation?  …or…  What conclusion have I drawn that is causing me to feel so icky?  What belief is here that I’m holding as fact when it’s simply my interpretation of the situation?  Both Morty Lefkoe and Byron Katie have their own methods that they teach a series of questions to work through in order to change your feelings, taking you from a reactive state to an empowered state.  You can check out The Lefkoe Method, and The Work for more info.
  4. Physical health:  Your state of health is influenced by so many factors, from environmental toxins including items that sit in your home, to the superfood you ate yesterday that actually isn’t agreeing with your system, and so many more.  The stronger, more energized body has better capacity to handle emotional stress.
  5. Stronger energetic grounding and protection:   Traumatic experiences in our lives sometimes leave us with the belief that being in a physical body hear on Earth is a terrifying thing.  It’s taken me years of working on grounding to get me to a level where my system seems convinced that grounding is the way to go (even if it forgets to do it, it’s no longer scared and resisting) and it feels great.  Check out this infographic – #3 and #4, from Jeffrey Allen through Mindvalley, especially if you don’t know what I’m talking about.
  6. Deeper self love:  I continue to peel the layers, finding deeper ways to love and accept myself.  It used to feel super corny just to say that – love myself!
  7. Remembering how good it feels when I release:  By release, I’m not talking about giving up, defeat, or disempowerment.  It’s surrendering to a higher power that is all the amazingness that I can imagine, and exchanging my need for control with a delicious dose of trust in the divine plan – being guided and taken care of by a force so much greater and intelligent than when I muscle through life on my own.  It’s scary if you’re not yet convinced that life has your best interest (we might all be somewhere on the spectrum as we walk our human paths), but the more you experience the joys and benefits of surrender, the less hesitant you’ll be the next time around.
  8. Deeper faith:  Some of my more challenging experiences these past years have led me to ultimately reach deeper into my faith, admittedly more out of desperation than evolution, but the results have been so gratifying.  A couple resources stand out that have helped me recently:  a video by spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn, called Everything Is Here To Help You, and a book titled The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer, also a spiritual teacher.
  9. Growth:  I find it true that the teacher shows up when the student is ready.  I also might add that the solution shows up when we’ve mastered what we need to learn within the challenge.  For whatever reason, I was ready to experience a new way of being and living, and what seemed to be impossible before became accessible.  The two resources listed in #8 were introduced to me right at a time when I deeply longed for such support, asked for it, and was ready to hear the message and incorporate it.
  10. Practice:  There was a time when I was oblivious to the fact that I had a choice in how I responded to a situation.  There was also a time when I could see myself stubbornly gripping onto my negative thoughts and emotions despite the discomfort.  Now, more often than not, I might initially slip into reaction but quickly catch myself and immediately start consciously working through my emotions.  And so goes the journey.

Your path will no doubt be different than mine.
Which aspects ring a bell in you?
What areas would you like support in?