Sniffles and Surrender

Have you ever had days or even weeks when one thing after another goes wrong?
When it seems life is throwing curve balls at you nonstop, leaving you feeling completely disheveled and defeated?

If you’re like me, it can take a while before you surrender.
Yes, surrender, the juicy kind.  The blissful kind.  The feminine kind where we open up to invite a loving an powerful force, and release into it.
Not giving up, or giving in in a negative way, but upleveling your sense of control to include the support of a higher power that knows about your purpose in this world and how to support you in your growth so you can blossom to your fullest.

Here is a video from a lighter episode of feeling run down by life (believe me, the super challenging episodes exist too!).

Do yourself a favor, and find ways to practice the art of surrender.
Because your resistance only makes it so much harder!

When life isn’t looking too pretty, the harder it gets to believe that this higher power knows better than us, so start building confidence in this higher power when life is still looking sunny.
Your faith, your trust, your confidence in this source is like a muscle.  It takes practice to build, and regular exercise to maintain.

If you’re struggling to build that muscle, or curve balls are hitting you now, sign up for a complimentary Clarity Call with me, and we’ll see how we can help you move through your rough patch!