Shaking It Off and Starting Over, NOW

3 Nov No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

When you’re feeling crappy

Maybe you have to go to work and you are so not feeling it.  You need sleep, and you need a boss that cares more.
Maybe you had your heart set on this delicious dish and the server just informed you that they were OUT.
Maybe you ate stuff that wasn’t what your body wanted.
Maybe your partner just broke up with you.

Some circumstances will have us feeling worse than others, but regardless, it’s easy to forget how much power we have to shift things.  Starting NOW.  Every single moment is an opportunity to say no more!  To commit to feeling better no matter what ( and your circumstances will change as a result).  To realize that this very moment you have the ability to open up to new feelings, to new possibilities.  It’s a much surer way to bring in positive change than if you were to harden up and insist on your misery.  I know it’s a lot easier said than done.  I’ve been there myself many many times, and I still catch myself sometimes stubbornly hanging onto the misery, determined that it’s awful, wishing so badly for things to get better, with clenched fists as if the universe will get my message better if my pout is big enough, if my fists are tight enough, if my complaints are loud enough.  Oh, and it feels so hard to let go and allow.  But believe me, it gets much easier with practice.  And you really do start to feel so much better when you choose to shift your stance.

Some things do take a while to shift, but the process can most definitely start now.  Every moment that goes by that we continue to fill our thoughts with negative and reactive ones, in response to the challenging scenario at hand, our feelings stay in the icky zone.  They can pick up momentum and get worse.

Just like starting each new day afresh, each moment can also be reset with the simple help of your intention.

Dragging Along Your History

Sometimes it’s just one big irritating thing preoccupying our minds and feelings.
Often it’s a whole list of things from that week, from yesterday, from earlier today.  Some concerns are more pressing in our mind than others, but all leaving a trail of unwanted energy lingering in our space.
All the things we didn’t get done, should have done; certain ways of who we wanted to be or behave and didn’t…

We use whatever is on our mind as an excuse to not let ourselves feel optimal this very moment.
As if punishing ourselves and feeling bad will justify the past to some degree.
As if feeling victimized and clinging to the tragedy will show to the world the damage it’s done and learn its lesson, not to do that to us again.
As if we have no choice but to cling to our negative feelings.

Act as if this Moment is the Most Glorious Moment

Celebrating this very moment and feeling as happy as we can, regardless of our assumed shortcomings or blows that have hit us, and then going from there, will set you on the best path.    

This doesn’t mean that we suddenly drop our agenda of how we want to improve our lives.  You can still be on track with this mission.  You simply approach it from a new level of thinking and problem solving – from a happier place, from a more optimistic place, with a higher vibration and access to more expanded thinking.
We might tap into better strategies and ideas, insights as to why we avoided the task or why it didn’t work out, how we can do it better or in a more fun way, or intuit that the mission was not even one that was aligned for us.

Law of Vibration and Attraction

If you’re feeling tortured by life events and other people’s decisions, and you let it get to you, then you are encouraging more negative energy to spin towards you.  Life is throwing at you challenges so you can grow and rise above them and start calling in higher vibrations.
Take the time and energy you need to process your emotions fully, but beyond that, move out of its way.  Don’t let circumstances pull you down and in.  Not always easy, I know.   But so often we don’t fully leverage the tools and power available to us.

Steps You Can Take

  • Acknowledge that you have a choice EVERY SINGLE MOMENT, including NOW, and decide to take up that offer and shift.  A simple shift in awareness and attitude can make a huge difference.  This may be all you need, but read on, the other tips may help as well.
  • Breathe.
  • Go into a meditative state.  Essentially, any way to get you into a calm and clear state without entering a deep and long meditation,  unless the timing and environment happen to be appropriate.  It may be as quick and simple as getting yourself grounded, wrapping protective light around you, and inviting a shower of purifying energy to clean out your space.  You might recite affirmations about releasing any past energy.  You might call in your angels to assist you in clearing your energy and guiding you through your next steps.
  • A note about Sticky Notes.  You can use energetic Sticky Notes to put on the outside of your space, to help relieve you of mental clutter that might be in the way.  Anything that keeps distracting your mind, just put on these Sticky Notes and leave them outside your space for later.  They will be there.  You can use a golden box as well – just put in all unnecessary thoughts for this very instant and dump them in the golden box for you to pick up later.  When you clean out your space, you won’t be erasing your entire history, only the things that no longer serve you.  If it’s important, you’re spirit will bring it up again later when appropriate, so don’t worry about going for a powerful cleanse.
  • Shake.  Literally, shake your body, and release the icky feelings.
  • Giving your body the driver’s seat.  I’ve had times where I just let my body tune into however it needs to carry itself in order to feel its optimal.   Trusting that it knows the best way, drawing from past times of optimal health and ecstatic sensations, letting it replicate the status biochemically, in my posture, in my vibration.  I don’t need to comprehend it intellectually, or give it guidance.  It’s possible to get caught up in putting so much mental energy into healthy living – (first I must do the grounding this exact way, then do the protection layer this way in this order, then do the blah blah blah…), that it becomes heady, rigid and heavy.  Break the routine, and freely allow the body’s own wisdom to guide the process.  It can feel quite amazing to just let go and relax…


What are YOUR tricks to shaking it off and pressing the reset button?