Manifesting Not Working… but Happiness Flowed In!

1 Aug No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

Are you feeling like a failure because you keep trying to ‘manifest’ what you desire, with little to no success?

I was sucking at manifesting… at least in the sense that is popularly discussed – consciously manifesting exactly what we desire.  Despite some beautiful and amazing aspects of my life, I was failing to manifest the one dream that I kept putting at the top of my list.  Some of my other dreams were coming true – those that I wasn’t focused on, but the one big priority just kept finding ways to not happen.  I felt like I was trying so hard to stay focused on it, sacrificing in many other areas of my life for the sake of this goal, but I just kept swimming upstream.  Fighting.  All while trying to keep my cool and create some appearance that I was on top of things, that I wasn’t an utter failure, unable to get a handle on the popular act of manifesting.

I also tried to stay focused on gratitude, faith, doing whatever I could to help get me in a higher state of vibration…  But let’s face it, when it’s hard, it can be really hard.

And then…  something happened.
Not what I had in mind exactly, but something just as good, even better.

I started experiencing blissful feelings, tremendous gratitude and joy, simply by being alive.  All the ‘problems’ and conditions that I wanted changed didn’t bother me anymore.  I believed they weren’t permanent anyway and things would change for the better, but in the past that didn’t stop these ‘non-ideal’ conditions from sucking out my energy and distracting me from my sense of well-being.  My physical health was improving, and somewhere along the line something unlocked within, enabling me to experience the simple yet powerful joy of just being.

I almost had a problem with this.  It almost bothered me that I was happy already, without my vision achieved!
After all, I hadn’t actually succeeded at manifesting my goal, and it was tempting to view this in a negative light, creating a label and entering a record of failure, just so I don’t forget that I have more to climb.
But negative labeling and self-bashing usually doesn’t get us far in life.

Plus, I was feeling so much happiness flowing in, which was the ultimate desire and goal in the first place, so why would I sabotage that?!
I’m not going to deny that I’d love to have the ability to just manifest whatever I’d like.  Don’t we all.  It sounds so good!
But life has its own flow, and surrendering to what is, and finding ways to love it can be just as wonderful and important of a skill.

I’ll share more stories around the current trend in manifestation and some other lessons learned here in the next post.
But first, I encourage you to tune in to any message this story may have for you, right now, in your life.
Is there anything that speaks to you in this story?