Making Everyday New Year’s Day

18 Jan No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

I’m a big fan of rituals, when we engage in them intentionally – including New Year’s.
It’s a fabulous time for clearing out the old and bringing in the new, for cutting ties with old and outdated patterns and opening up doors to better ways.
We are inspired to start afresh, giving ourselves time and permission to aspire to a better life, a better self, and it’s easier to do at this time of year because it’s already in the air.

But how many of us have experience starting the year with great hopes of a beautifully altered self or life, only to fall off the wagon mid-year (or even early in the year!) and never getting back on until the next year, if at all?  This can leave us feeling like a failure, and it’s definitely not efficient for realizing big dreams!

Although New Year’s is an excellent time for bigger pause, reflection and celebration, there’s no reason not to engage in daily rituals that will help you refresh and restart on any given day, approaching each day as a precious and fine opportunity to make positive changes in our lives and others.
Successful businesses often have quarterly, monthly, weekly, and even daily checkins to stay on track – to review and course correct as needed.  So can we in our personal lives.  Structure hasn’t been my strong suit… at all, but I can say from studying others and limited personal experience that it works wonders when applied appropriately.

Why do we create New Year’s resolutions in the first place?
Surely, it’s not to punish ourselves, feel ashamed or give up on ourselves when we fall off the wagon.
It’s because we care enough about ourselves and the quality of our lives, because we want to make the most out of life, because we believe in ourselves and our happiness.  At least we do for that short period of time when we allow ourselves to dream of a better life and craft our visions for the year.
Can we honor ourselves and our lives enough to shake off the past and renew this enthusiasm each day through the rest of the year?

“Make each day a masterpiece.”
Just like the pearls lined up in a necklace, each pearl has its significance, some more centrally located to catch the eye, but nevertheless important and precious.

Since we each have varying experiences, my question to you is, what makes the turn of the year special for you?  And what small change can you make to your life so that each day is infused with motivation and significance?  There’s definitely something to be said about the freshness of New Year’s, that feeling of having a clean new slate that motivates us to create our best.  What can you do create that same freshness each day?

You might consider:

  • Establishing a morning routine that sets you up for success and joy, AND an evening routine that helps you end the day in peace and gratitude while preparing for a successful next day.
  • Whether it’s through daily meditation, quiet walks, or soaking in the bath, making sure to create unplugged times of silence where you can take a break from the constant flow of information from the outer world and tune into yourself.  This gives you space to reflect, regroup, and draw visions for your next step.
  • Adding a morning walk to start each day.
  • Committing to and indulging in more pleasure each day, such as a slice of your favorite dessert or an hour to yourself with your favorite books, for no other reason than to celebrate yourself and life, just as healthy centenarians do.
  • Placing fresh flowers or any items in your house that reminds you that each new day is a beautiful new day to start afresh!

Here’s a toast to you living mindfully, crafting and treating each day with care and command!