How To Talk To Others When They Are Being Difficult

14 Sep 2 Comments Misa Miscellaneous

How awful do you feel when you are in conflict with someone close to you?
How frustrating is it when they just don’t seem to want to get it?!

Attempting to change the other person is a futile pursuit.  They believe what they believe, and any true and beneficial change on their part will only come if they want, when they are ready.  Perhaps you are not meant to hold the same beliefs anyway.

Here’s something that you can do to navigate the situation more comfortably:

Talk to the other person’s spirit.  

First, you must become aware that underneath your personality and all the programming, trauma and opinions, lies your spirit that is wise and loving, that is here to experience life and learn as you go.  When you are able to detach from all the conditions that you thought were you and identify more as your spirit, you will start to see others in a similar way, spirits in a human body, experiencing their own journey of trial and triumph.

Then, from your spirit to their spirit, have a chat.  A spirit to spirit conversation.  You don’t need to tell the person.


The Benefits

You will feel more comfortable and at ease within the conflict because you are no longer alone in the struggle, talking to an unbudging wall or a seeming threat.  In fact, I could have titled this post “How To Talk To Others When You Aren’t Feeling Supported,” because that’s essentially what happens.  We want others to be on our side, we want to feel supported in our vision of life and the world.  It’s frustrating when they aren’t offering this stance.  It becomes not about them, really, but about you, wanting your way and your need to feel loved, supported, connected, appreciated, respected, and so on.
Seeing and reaching out to their spirit can have a powerful effect (especially when you mean it when you do it!), but at the very least it will put you in touch with your own spirit.  Operating from a place where you are more in touch with your spirit will result in more ease, as you are in touch with the part of you that knows that you are inherently and already loved, supported, connected, appreciated, respected, and so on, just by nature of being a spirit and a part of this world, regardless of the other person’s stance.

You will naturally treat them with more respect.

You will indirectly and energetically reflect to them their higher selves so they can more easily see who they can be, if they are ready to step up.

You will be modeling a higher way of being.


It Gets Even Better

The more you are comfortable in being yourself, knowing that as spirit you are pure love and unable to be harmed or deterred by the other person, the better chance the other person will have of stepping up into their higher selves.


Because you release your grip on the outcome, and they can start focusing less on resisting the pressure coming from you.

Next time you are experiencing conflict with someone, try a spirit-to-spirit conversation.

Remember, it’s not about how they change or don’t change. It’s about how you shift your perspective, your own feelings, and your experience as a whole.  But don’t be surprised if the other person does start shifting!