How To Start Your Day In Gratitude

28 Jul No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

Gratitude.  So simple, so powerful, yet easily overlooked, especially when we get caught up in busy and stressful days, which might be when we could use it most!


How do you start your day?
Years ago, I realized I was starting my days already stressed out!  I knew because as I learned to quiet my mind through meditation, I started to have days where I could hear my train of thoughts playing on autopilot, and they were not the most positive.  I also knew because I had a patch of eczema on the back of my neck that would start itching every morning, which generally happened due to stress (the rise in cortisol level that naturally happens in our bodies upon waking had a role as well).


Join me here in this short video, or just keep scrolling to read further!

Why The Morning?

When you first wake up, your brainwaves are in an ideal state to be positively influenced and be open for powerful reprogramming.  It also sets a tone for the rest of the day.  The way you spend your mornings have a huge impact on your life, and those who focus on success in life are keen on establishing and following a powerful morning routine.

That said, there is never a bad time for gratitude, so don’t restrict yourself to just when you wake up!


Here’s What You Can Do

Set up your room so that upon opening your eyes, you easily see reminders of what you are grateful for in life.  This may be photos of loved ones, your beautiful garden, a piece of artwork that you love… anything that makes your heart smile and that reminds you of the blessings you do have in life.

Visuals are great, since our subconscious minds operate in images rather than words, but if you can’t think of ways to have visual representations that bring you gratitude, you can also place a notebook next to your bed in which you write out a list of what you are grateful for in life.

You can also try these tips to brighten your spirit as you wake up:

  • Keep your bedroom tidy and add some fresh flowers
  • If you use an alarm, select tunes carefully, finding ones that bring you a dose of happiness.  Better yet, if you can program your alarm to play what you like, you can have your favorite person record a good morning message for you, or you can play select affirmations, recited by you or others.
  • Place your favorite aromas nearby, something you can inhale and enjoy as you climb out of bed
  • Keep your phone on airplane mode through the night, not just for better quality sleep but also to keep you from being bombarded by media early in the morning

If you’re at a loss, just start saying “thank you” anyway.  Just keep repeating, and you might find that you’re suddenly reminded of the various blessings in your life.

As always, just remember that whatever you are struggling with and need resolution, there will always be a way.