How real can I be with you?

9 Mar No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

“I was so inspired, and it’s recharged my faith in my own process of spiritual and life growth…..”

Lately I’ve received a number of comments on how my writing has inspired them, touched them, or encouraged them.  BUT… it wasn’t from what I write publicly or to my subscribers.  These comments came from my personal contacts when I shared with them a reflection of my past couple of years.

The question is, how can I write to you in a way that will inspire you more, touch you more, and encourage you more?

I’m still finding my voice as a professional in service.  As a guide, a mentor, a coach, a healer, a consultant.  As an expert and leader.

I am just as human as you.  In fact, I’m so painfully human.  I’ve got plenty of baggage and kinks to work out, and it’s funny to think of the heights that I aspire to, because they are so high and somedays it feels like I’m just barely hanging in.

I do have a heightened ability to see into your situation and help you along your path, and I’m able to get extra grounded and have unfaltering faith when it comes to your potential and future.  It’s magical and powerful when we work together.  I love it.

But somehow it’s a different story when it comes to my own life.
I won’t say that I’m a total mess, or that I haven’t practiced what I teach.  But I have plenty of my own blind spots.  I’ve dealt with lots of emotional ups and downs, which I’ve learned so much from….  and still do.
I’m so much better now at dealing with the lows or the crazies, when it feels like it’s going to explode or come tumbling down. I turn them into fuel for growth.
I have a much deeper appreciation for life and for myself.  I have more confidence in myself and in the fact that life has my back.  But I still get scared.  Whether it’s around finances, or a potential threat to my amazing relationship, I forget exactly what I so passionately help others do – to connect to source, to remember the divinity within.
I experience anxiety, depression, sadness, jealousy, frustration, anger, insecurity…  usually to lesser degrees than before, but still.

How personal do I get?  How much do I censor for the sake of keeping it professional?  How much do I share so my stories can inspire and encourage, while keeping the focus on you, and not making it all about me?

There are many styles of leadership and writing styles.  I’m still searching for what works best between you and me.
Thank you for being a part of this journey.