Hidden Answers To Your Problems

20 Apr No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

You never know how or where your answers will show up.

I had so many health issues that persisted despite years and years of pursuing various holistic and allopathic health suggestions to heal my body.  I’d become quite knowledgable about nutrition and digestive health just because for so many years I was desperate to find answers for myself.  I even went and got a master’s degree in Integrative Health, partly so I could help others on their journey, but also because I was still looking for answers, not just the medical information of what would help me, but also the best ways to integrate the information into my life, into my being, and do the internal work necessary to support my physical health.  Because lessons learned on paper don’t help us if they stay on paper.

And guess what?  Even after my studies, and more years of learning about and trying other approaches, many of the physical symptoms still persisted.  I gained deeper awareness around my issues, learned a whole lot about myself and life, gained wisdom and tools to help others, and grew in many ways, so I wouldn’t say any of the time or education was wasted.  I do believe life brings us exactly what we need at each step of our growth, no matter how undesirable it looks to us at the time.  But you can imagine the level of joy when I recently came across a whole new system of diagnosing issues and treating them – called NAET – that has started solving the long lasting mysteries in my body!

While I do love many aspects of NAET and think there are people struggling with less than optimal health who could highly benefit from this method if they find a skilled practitioner (apparently very important for this modality to be effective!), I’m not writing this to advocate NAET or any other specific modality.  Just because one method brought me magical solutions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the answers YOU need lie in the same place.
I’m also not here to say that your solutions will take that long to show up.  I’ve had shorter waiting periods for many other answers in my life, but wow, this has been a long one 🙂

What I AM here to remind you is that solutions can appear from anywhere, in any form, especially when we stay open to them.
So, stay open to possible solutions that you may never have imagined!
And don’t give up on your dreams and desires!
Meanwhile, trust that there’s a divine plan guiding each part of your journey, and keep showing up the best you can!


For those of you who are interested, you can find out more about the method by clicking here.  I have no connection to this particular source except that I find it comprehensive and easy to get a general idea of the method.  And as mentioned above, it seems crucial to find a skilled practitioner for this modality to be effective.