Confused About The Best Way To Get Grounded?

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Have you been told to get grounded, but wondered exactly how and what they mean?
Have you ever wondered what the difference is between grounding and centering?

What’s The Fuss About Anyway?

When you are ungrounded, you can easily become exhausted, your health can suffer in many ways, and you have trouble creating your dream life.  Others may notice that you are spacey, checked out, and in your own world.

When you are grounded, you have more energy, more calm, more efficiency and leverage in creating and manifesting as you like in this physical reality.

It’s easy to get ungrounded in today’s society where everything is faced paced, there is so much going on that can overwhelm you or knock you off kilter, there’s less connection to the earth and it’s grounding effects, and the amount of information available can easily keep you stuck in your head!

The Challenge

There are 3 big challenges that can leave you overwhelmed and possibly confused:

1)  There are many factors that influence your level of grounding, including:

  • food – There are foods that can unground, and those that help ground.
  • connection to nature – Walking barefoot on soil is terrific.  You can also touch or hold a tree.  There are shoes sold specifically for enhanced grounding.
  • physical comfort / health – The healthier and more comfortable your body is to be in it, the less desire to check out from it.
  • loving your body – The more you love your body, the less desire for you to abandon it or avoid it.
  • movement / physical engagement – Muscle engagement, as well as the balancing act required for movement will help you ground.
  • EMF – Your electromagnetic fields are effected by many things these days… smart meters on your house, cell phone waves, wifi, electronics in general, and more.  There are devices sold to help you shield from and/or fortify your own field to help with this, including sheets to sleep on, pendants to wear, stickers for your cell phones, etc.
  • irregular and unstable lifestyle – Your mind thrives on novelty and stimulation, but your body appreciates some routine and stability.
  • sense of safety – To strengthen your sense of security and to fortify your energetic field, there are visualizing exercises, homeopathic remedies, stones you can hold, essential oils you can apply, etc.  Putting on weight unintentionally is sometimes the result of sensitive people trying to create a wall of protection.  Any method that calms the nervous system is great.
  • breathing – Such a basic of life, and so often compromised when we are under stress.
  • your personality – Some personalities are naturally more visionary and/or like to explore fantastical realms, or are more in touch with their emotions over their physical body, or their mental world takes precedence over their physical body.  No shame or blame in whatever your tendencies are, each have their unique gifts, but be aware of your tendencies.
  • trauma – Any experiences that impacted your sense of safety in your physical body and in this world can create conscious or subconscious fear around grounding.  We also hold trauma directly in the body, in the organs and tissues.  Healing your wounds is always recommended.

2)  Personal variation.  What works for you best will depend on your particular circumstances, needs, and preferences.  There is no one formula.  It can help to work with someone trained or knowledgable in certain holistic systems to guide you in your particular scenario.  This is also where I encourage the continual use and development of intuition.  Take charge of your path, stay open to receiving wisdom from around you, and know that in the end you must decide for yourself what is working.

3)  Different sources give you different answers.  For instance, eating meat can be highly grounding, but many practitioners will not mention it if they advocate a vegetarian or vegan diet.
Grounding and centering are sometimes used interchangeably, or advised in different orders, or in different styles.  Some guide you to center around the dan tien (root chakra or grown area), some the middle dan tien by the heart center (4th chakra), and some the upper dan tien – 3rd eye area in the forehead (6th chakra).


To Guide You Through All of This

With all the ways to feel overwhelmed and confused, I would love to give you one exact and foul-proof formula to grounding, but this will only add to the already long list.
I’m here to tell you that in the end, like many areas of life, you must discover your own path and tools that serve you.  Here are some points to guide you:

  • Your aim is to feel solid and strong, alert and clear minded, while calm and relaxed.
  • Play around and find what works for you.
  • You’ve got to start somewhere.  Pick whatever you feel drawn to, are intrigued by, or whatever is easiest to start implementing.
  • Always keep a sense of exploration at hand.  This goes for all of life.  You are always evolving, and new methods may appear as well, so look for what works for you now.  Keep tuning in, keep developing your intuition.
  • Get help from someone who can observe you firsthand and who knows how to guide you in your particular situation.


The Widely Used Tree Visualization & Then Some

There are some more commonly used tools, such as using the visual of a tree to help ground, with roots extending beyond your feet into the earth.  A simple Google search will bring many wonderful versions of this, sometimes referred to as a meditation. Here are some other creative visuals that you can explore for yourself.  Here are some other images to play around with:

  • Grounding from above, such as column of light coming from the clouds that pierce through you and connect you firmly onto the ground, or a star that sends light that lovingly pushes you into the earth.
  • Wrapping your roots through and around the earth several times for added solidity.
  • Grounding with a column of light filled with healing and stability, or a sturdy rope, a bungee cord, a sturdy chain of love, etc.
  • Imagining a heavy anchor connecting from your waist down and weighing you down into the earth.
  • Grounding from not just the root chakra or groin area, but all the way from your head and down.
  • Imagining that you are drilling with a heavy duty equipment that has you holding on tight so you can stay in control


SOME Recommended Online Resources

There are numerous articles and free resources online.  These here may be all you need, or they may serve as a great starting point for your exploration:    Although not everything may resonate with you, I find it to be one of the most comprehensive sources on what affects our grounding, and one that dares to raise some possibly controversial points, which I appreciate.    Right Hand Grounding Meditation, which unlike other meditations that involve visualization (which I love too), will keep you solidly in your body.   Clear and simple steps on centering in the body.

Here below is a meditation by Niurka, one of my favorite motivational speakers and whose practical wisdom I find so powerful!

Here are some sources written with more esoteric influences, for those of you who are okay with that.  I find the content to be of quality and informative:  – Explains grounding, centering, protection/shielding, and cleansing aura, with inclusion of the chakras.    Explains Earthing and Centering as well.  Encourages exploring personal variations.   Teaches you to center first to help grounding.