Clean Up Your Stress ASAP and AMAP to Avoid THIS

24 May No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

How often do you make sure you are in a relaxed state before taking your first bite?  

Recently I’ve been receiving treatments to help my body, which are taking the understanding of allergies to a whole new level.   I want to share specifically about the surprising aspect of how I had become ‘allergic*’ to many foods and substances in my environment.


Not all, but many of the allergies came about when I ate, touched, inhaled, (or had any form of contact / exposure to) a substance that was perfectly benign to my system, but whatever emotional stress I was experiencing at the time – consciously or subconsciously, got associated in my body with the substance and resulted in a systemic labeling of the substance as harmful, thus causing a negative reaction each time I came in contact with the substance thereafter.  Basically, if you eat something while experiencing emotional stress, even if the substance is harmless or even beneficial to you, there’s a chance your body will associate the stress you are experiencing with the food you just put in your mouth and develop allergic reactions upon future contact.   Not always, and emotionally sensitive people are more prone to this, but still.  I didn’t realize I had so many allergies or intolerances until now, food and other substances, and I certainly hadn’t expected to be told that the majority of them developed as a result of emotional stress experienced at that time.

So now, each time I eat something, I’m thinking, “oh no, is my current stress going to cause me to become allergic to this food?”  Hehe, actually no, I’m kidding.  Such stress alone would be unhealthy at minimum and might actually lead to further allergies!

But I now take this advice more seriously: Avoid eating under stress as much as possible.
Take some moments to calm yourself and enter a relaxed state before any meal.  If I’m aware that something is bothering me, I sometimes take 10 minutes, or even longer if I need, and if I simply don’t have the time, I wait to eat later.  Of course, your situation may be different, and you need to assess the situation and do what works best for you.
You could try a quick meditation or energy clearing, some breathing exercises, EFT, autogenic training, dancing or singing it out, get out some essential oils, take a walk, etc.
Expressing gratitude at the start of the meal is a tradition known to many, and is a fabulous way to put yourself in a positive mood before eating.

I also make it a point now to do as much inner work as possible at the time that anything consciously stressful occurs, as soon as possible and as much as possible.  Otherwise it can linger in our bodies and energy field for a long time, and effecting us in innumerable ways.  Allergy or no allergy, you’ll be operating from a compromised state, effecting your decisions, your moods, your strength, and causing unnecessary stress to your body.

By ASAP, I simply mean attending to the feelings as soon as you feel it, if at all possible.  I don’t mean rushing the process and pretending it’s complete prematurely.
It might mean excusing myself to get some fresh air or to use the restroom.  It might mean taking a detour walk on my way home to calm myself before getting on the train.  It might mean taking 2 minutes away from your screaming child, so you can return to engage more calmly.
You can come back to it at the next earliest opportunity to do more.

Even 2 minutes can make a difference.
With practice, you’ll get quicker at processing and clearing.
Bigger, more challenging emotions won’t necessarily clear so quickly, but attending to it as early as possible, and as much as possible will make the negative energy less likely to hide and stay in your system.  All your following activities will go better.

You can also add a clearing routine each night before ending your day.  A time to mentally scan through your day and remembering any thoughts and emotions that came up that still need your attention, and attend to them the best you can before sleep.

Here’s a toast to your emotional health and physical health!


While I like what I’m learning  in these treatments and seeing slow yet miraculous relief to many of my struggles, my purpose here is not to advocate the modality.  
For those of you who are interested, you can find out more about the method by clicking here.  I have no connection to this particular source except that I find it comprehensive and easy to get a general idea of the method.  It is crucial to find a skilled practitioner for this modality to be effective.

*Allergic in this case refers to a weakened response in the immune system, not necessarily the presence of antibodies showing in a blood test.