When Changes Aren’t So Fun!

17 Dec No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

When difficult changes hit us unexpectedly, leaving us unprepared and caught off guard, we’re miserable.  Frustrated.  Stressed out.  Scared.  Disoriented and perplexed at why things are the way they are.   Sad.
At times even feeling helpless and left with a sense of betrayal by life, or feeling angry at the world.

The inevitable.  It is as they say, nothing in life is permanent.    Big and small, life is filled with changes – from the intricate operations of our bodies or ebbs and flows seen in nature, to manmade structures such as buildings and government agendas.  Even our thoughts and desires evolve with time and experience.

Change is inevitable.
Some changes, we actually crave for them, savor them, cherish them.  But…  right now I’m talking about the ones that we don’t like.  What can you do?

Keep in mind the Bigger Picture.

Know that life brings you challenges to help you grow.  Not fun, I know, but if you let it, you will come out of it a stronger person with more wisdom and strength for yourself, and more to offer this world.  Plus, you’ll be that much closer to bigger and better possibilities in life.

What is life trying to teach you through these set of circumstances?
Until you learn what you need to learn from the situation, the challenge will persist, if not in a continued version, then through a new scenario.

And keep in mind that nothing is permanent.  Even the rough parts.

Find Stability.

Find what you can that still gives you a sense of familiarity and comfort.  It may be your morning cup of coffee, the trees outside, a friendly neighbor, your journal, the sensation of warm water on your skin as you enter a bath, or even the rising sun.

Get Centered & Grounded.

Engage in movement, feel your body.
Be in the here and now, even if you don’t like what surrounds you.
Because when you are grounded or present in your body, you will be able to most efficiently and powerfully navigate the current situation and start creating the future that you want.  You will be able to make effective decisions to move through the challenge more smoothly and quickly.
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Mindfulness meditation is great for helping you bring you out of your thoughts and into the present moment, connecting with what is.  When you connect to the spaces in between, the moments of stillness between the chaos, you’ll realize there’s a consistency there too.


Find Ways to Have Fun

Your circumstances may not be ideal, but find creative ways to have fun.  Keep engaging in those things that make you happy.  Don’t let the outer conditions ruin the things that make life worth living for you.
Is it singing?  Dancing?  Playing sports?  Going to the beach?  Reading a good book?  Sipping wine with friends?  Going to the movies?
Your circumstances may require that you adjust the way you do some of these things, but don’t let this stop you!



It’s one of those things that seems so contrary to how we feel, but when we learn to engage in gratitude, ESPECIALLY when we are feeling least grateful, you’ll notice tremendous returns.  Start with embracing the notion that there’s a gift in every challenging situation, even if you have no clue what it may be.  Just say thank you.  You can also put your focus on the things that are working for you in this moment, even as minute as having legs that you can walk on, or a floor and walls around you, having a friend or two, owning a phone, and so on.
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With practice, you will notice how magical gratitude is!  And it’s from this place of appreciation for life that our outer circumstances will be begin to improve.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.  Always.
Are you in a daze, trying to cope with what’s happening in your life right now?  Contact me here, and I’ll be happy to hop on a call with you and help you find your footing.