Ask them! a, b, or c?

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Need help making a decision?
It can be extra hard to make a decision when something matters to you, because you are blinded by your emotional attachment to the situation.
In these times, it can be helpful to ask others for help, but BEWARE.
You don’t want to ask just anyone!  In fact, we’re often surrounded by those who love us and mean well, but have their own agendas of what they think would be best in our lives, based on their own sense of fear and desires.  You want to ask people who have your best interest at heart without their personal projections in the mix, someone who cares about you but who can keep a distance, who won’t get offended one way or another.  Ideally those who are clear-headed, whose choices you generally trust and admire, and who is connected to their intuition.
Now, let me share with you a way of asking them that will maximize the potential for their answers to be intuitively guided.

Here’s the process:

  1. Get into a clear energetic space, to the best of your abilities – take a few minutes for deep breathing and centering yourself.  If you are truly in an emotionally charged or agitated state, I encourage you to expand this process and take time doing things that brings you back to a state of relative calm.
  2. Set the intention that you are asking for the answer that will be of highest good to you and all others.
  3. Create a clear list of selections from which to pick, with as much clarity as you can find for the available choices.
    For instance:
    a.  (Tell my friend that I need to end our relationship for reasons I cannot explain right now)
    b.  (Tell my friend that I need to end our relationship and explain exactly why)
    b.  (Don’t tell her but stop responding to her communications)
    c.  (Hold off on making any final decisions or taking any particular action)
  4. Now, contact those you will be asking for answers, and ask which option seems to speak loudest when they tune into their highest knowing.  Only give them the letters – or numbers if you choose.   You can explain that you are seeking an answer that is not influenced by the mind but more of an intuitive answer.  We are so accustomed in the modern cultures to be expected to produce answers from a purely mental space, and most of us will resort to it unless we specifically intend for a more integrative answer.
  5. Repeat with a few people.  Don’t judge the answers; be okay with what you receive.  YOU always get to decide what the final answer will be!Know that the best gifts in life often come in unexpected packaging, and have fun with the process!

If you are new to this process, if you are new to trusting solutions that don’t have a logical thread you can follow or understand, where you rely on the mysteries of life to support you, start with asking about small decisions that don’t matter so much.  You may want the most help when the decision matters a lot, but just like meditation, it’s best to start practicing when you are in a relatively good state, rather than when you are in dire need.  Of course, if you’re desperate already, do ask for help!  Sometimes it’s in those depths of challenge that we invite and experience radical shifts.


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