It’s an art that goes beyond notes and words.

To admit that life is tough for you at the moment – whatever the reason – and to honor that you are nonetheless doing your best, to express thoughts that comfort you in your own struggles so that you can extend this calmer presence to your child, so that you can model how to self-regulate and transition, to model self-soothing and nurturing, to connect with the deepest of love that lies within you – for yourself and for your child – and then offer it through sound, regardless of any perceived imperfections, this is all part of the beauty of lullabies.



Lullabies IN YOUR Voice:

  • are a powerful amplifier and transmitter of your heart energy
  • are packed with health and developmental benefits for your child, now and long-term, including improvements in the following areas: brain growth and function, confidence, mental & emotional health stability, capacity for relationships, sense of security, ability to trust, communication skills, feelings of compassion
  • and benefits for you! – Expressing heartfelt and authentic sounds is extremely healing to our own bodies.  In fact, your own voice is the most healing sound there is.  Nourish your tired system, and soothe your worries and frustrations within you, all while doing the same for your child!
  • are mobile – take it anywhere you go, no packing and carrying!
  • are warm and nurturing – help balance the impersonal aspects of living in a technical and digital world!
  • create beautiful and quality bonding, extra important when you have less time to spend with your child, or if you have a preemie – but so important for all!
  • are easy – once you know what to focus on, find what works for you, and give it some playful practice!


Learn More About The Benefits Here

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Meanwhile, you can do a quick search online and find some of the basics, OR come join us for a deeper dive and some connection time with other mamas in one of our free workshops!


Why Lullabies?

We live in a world full of stimulation, rapid change, and agitation… with much cause for fear and anxiety.  
Our lives have become increasingly high-tech and digital, often at the expense of the human touch that we now know is essential to our well-being.

The singing of lullabies has been a universally observed practice in nurturing children.  Yet, as our society rapidly shifts away from traditions and becomes increasingly automated, fewer and fewer children are receiving this gift.  

Cultures around the world have used lullabies throughout history, and we now need them more than ever. 

Sound is a powerful tool, and can create phenomenal shifts. 

Join us, as we take a sound healing-inspired approach to explore core aspects of this ancient and universal practice and additional creative possibilities.

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