Group Program:  

Loving Your Voice


It’s easy to fall into thinking that offering your singing voice is an act reserved for the ‘talented’ few, but studies suggest that young children benefit from your singing regardless of how ‘good’ or trained your voice may be.  Children are highly receptive to mood and subtleties carried through sound, and the importance lies more in the love expressed through the sounds, rather than musical perfection.


A program for modern mothers, designed specifically to:

  • help you reconnect with the feminine:  That soft and sweet essence that is available to nurture both you and your child, and also makes you more alluring to your partner!


  • provide self-care and self-love:  We emphasize the importance of sounds nourishing and comforting you – not just your child – and help you explore the options.


  • maximize the healing and recharging powers of sound:  Essential for the busy and exhausted mama.


  • embody principles of conscious and mindful parenting:  You will find that the approach is in sync with parenting styles that honor deep presence, and honoring of ourselves and our children.


  • foster sisterhood:  You will find a strong and supportive community in this small and intimate group setting.  We come together through live video interaction, deep sharing, and exercises done all together and with partners.


  • emphasize playfulness and creativity:  So often pushed aside in our busy lives, playing is packed with benefits – it boosts happiness, energy, problem-solving, stress-relief, relationship skills, and creativity.  Even as we cover more technical elements of lullabies, our focus will always be on lullabies as an art, rather than a science.


  • honor uniqueness:  As a mother, there can be so much pressure to do things the ‘right’ way.  This program teaches a variety of ways to sing to your child, and encourages you to find and use a style that fits your strengths and interests.


  • highlight how you are more than adequate for your child:  Your voice carries a special tone to your child’s ears that no other voice in the world can provide.  You will learn how to use your voice, so that what’s most important is not the quality of your vocal cords or your musicality, but the connection to your heart energy.


  • encourage intuitive knowing:  In a world of information overload, it’s easy to feel lost and clueless about the best answer.  Many will claim to know what’s right for you because they assume the solution that worked for them is the one that will work for you too.  But each child is so different and solutions vary case by case.  Tuning into intuitive guidance can be a powerful tool in parenting and in life as a whole.


  • heal the little singer inside of you that used to dream:  So many of us dream of singing – or more specifically, of becoming a singer – because we live in a culture where it’s rare to have permission to sing our hearts out and feel great about it.  Historically, people of all cultures sang no matter their quality of voice or musical talents – in daily family gatherings, at festivities in the village, work songs, lamentations, and so on.  I believe singing is a basic desire in most people, at one point or another, before it gets smashed out of us.  In my own journey I struggled to regain the confidence to sing and be comfortable with whatever came out.  That is why I am dedicated to helping you bring back the healthy and oh-so-wonderful joy of singing.  The sound healing approach used in the program teaches you to connect with and care for your voice in a whole new way.  It is your birthright to sing, and to be able to sing unabashedly.  By rewriting your story about not being good enough to sing, you can model for your child that it is a beautiful and permissible act to share your voice with the world, without shame.


We explore deeply how you can nurture yourself, how you can come into your most beautiful and loving presence despite the challenges you face, and extend this presence as an offering to your child through your voice.  


Join The Group Starting in April

Date TBA (depending on the recovery of my hands that are currently semi-paralyzed due to a healing crisis)

© 2014 Misa Christina