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Small scale interactive gatherings where a handful of mamas and mamas-to-be gather in a cozy room where we learn about, explore, share, and connect through the topic of lullabies.

If you don’t feel confident in your singing, this is the perfect place, as we are here to support that part of you that deeply desires to sing.❤️

Currently all gatherings are held online via group video calls.
Bring your favorite cup to sip on and join us!





Misa inspired me to open my heart and voice for singing to my  -at that time- unborn baby. Even though I don’t like my singing voice, Misa took my fear of singing out.  To this day I sing to my baby – it warms my heart to see her smiling and doing little baby dance moves to my chanting.

Vicky, Germany, Mom of one living in Tokyo
instagram: #pregnantinjapan (helping pregnant women in Japan)


Current Topics

The Magic Of Lullabies
Lullabies From The Heart


Venues Currently Being Arranged

  • Tokyo Pregnancy Group
  • Moms In Balance
  • Matsugaoka Birth Center
  • Blossom Birth & Family


“Misa has been a repeat guest speaker at our group meetings. In a society where new mothers often feel pressured to parent a certain way, it is refreshing that Misa tries to convey her own passion of singing rather than making mothers feel guilty if they choose not to sing or overwhelming them with facts on the benefits. We’re looking forward to having her again.”
Maike, Co-Organizer at Tokyo Pregnancy Group


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Next Gathering:  Lullabies From The Heart

Time:  April 11th  5:30 pm PST,   8:30 pm EST,   April 12th 9:30 am Tokyo
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“Misa helped me realize that singing not only benefits my child but me as well. I feel so much calmer, more focused and more confident when I sing to my child in overwhelming situations.”

Maike, Mother of 4, Workshop Participant

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