Because a happy, confident and relaxed mother means so much for your child.
I’m here to help you find deeper ways of nurturing yourself and your child, and supporting you to reconnect to your higher source and inner compass.

My coaching is a mix of

  • transactional coaching (solution-focused, results-oriented)
  • transformational or deep coaching (inner transformation-focused), and
  • intuitive consulting,

depending on your situation.

Let’s start with a complimentary session – where we can create a sacred and healing space to connect and dive in.  



If you’d like a quick and powerful boost of confidence, love, inspiration, plus a reality shift, The 2 Hour Reset is designed for you!  Sometimes, you’re doing pretty well but you know you’re stuck around this one situation and could use a helping hand and another set of eyes.  And sometimes, you could use some HELP NOW!
It’s 2 hours – split in half or all in one go, whichever you like, plus a 30 mins followup call.
Your investment – $260.
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