Tough Times Coaching

(By Request Only)

Stuck in a tight corner.
Feeling helpless.  Desperate.  Utterly stressed.

Not life-or-death, but feels awful just the same.
Our bodies contracted, stress hormones coursing through us, taking its toll in oh so many ways.

When you reconnect to your higher source and inner compass, you experience a powerful boost in confidence, love, inspiration, and a reality shift.
And from this place, you see clearer, including the possibilities that didn’t seem to exist before.
You make wiser decisions.
You harness your full power to create the path you desire.


I’ve helped people turn around their love lives, find confidence before going on stage or to excel in their job interview, find hope and comfort during some very rough times including eating disorders, life after prison, and adversity at work.

© 2014 Misa Christina