Cristina Fraga

Los Angeles, CA

Misa Christina genuinely cares! Misa met with me during a time I needed help in listening to my intuition during this transition in my life.  She provided a nurturing loving space to fully listen in compassion and gently showed me how I was keeping myself stuck. I was able to come out of my box and gain a new fresh awareness on my intuition and discernment to trust my own heart.  I see the ways I was attaching to keeping my own way.  The best part is Misa provided me with beautiful meditations and effective tools to implement into the hours of my day to be in tune with my intuition and self care for my job and at home. I value your genuine loving space and insightful support Misa!

Valentina Artist


I think of Misa as a Spirit Mama.  For some things I can go to massage, acupuncture, etc. but when I feel like I want to unveil my deep feelings, or when I feel stuck, confused, out of control or desperate, I go straight to Misa.  She makes me feel comfortable, and I feel like I'm going to a therapist, only a more intuitive, cozy and less technical one.  I love it.  I went to therapy for a couple of years and I wasn't able to resolve some specific issues around relationships, until I went to see Misa.  In a gentle but very accurate way,  she magically knows what the issue is and what you need to resolve it.                                                                                                                                                                                

Ranjeeth T.


Misa brings forth an authentic spiritual journey in a non-manufactured, non-appeasing tone that encourages deep trust.  She invites me to her table just as I am, without obligating to contort myself into a prepackaged formula of what spiritual means...  Why?  She herself doesn’t contort to fit into such a mold. Talking to her encourages me to effortlessly articulate my inner experiences… with the comfort in knowing much of what gets expressed finds itself breathing in openness and compassion.  The unique flavor of her nurturing energy I feel can hit the sweet spot for many.

Rachel C. B.

California, USA

Misa is able to speak her truth, with clarity, lightness, and neutrality, even to people who have no conscious experience of the spirit world, or the various and multiple realities that we are steeped in everyday.  I deeply admire this in her and find it healing, sacred, and grounding to witness. She is playful, beautiful, and soft. Her wealth of life experiences is astounding.  I am happy to have her soft, warm, sublime energies, and wisdom in my life and to watch, learn, benefit and grow along side her and with her in our journies.  She is amazing!    

Client, MBA

California, USA

Misa has helped me tremendously with her ability to quickly identify non-productive patterns, such as placing too much focus on what is going wrong in a particular situation. I can get caught in the swirl of chaos within a project and too mired down in the details of what is not working. She brings light to my blind spots, and helps me navigate towards healthier and happier behavior.  She also has helped me identify internal resources to connect to my expanded self and larger vision.  Because of my work with Misa, I have been able to step back and see the incremental progress I am making at work and in my personal life, and move more easily towards success.

Sara N.

New York, USA

Misa knows how to dig deep into the essence of the matter, helping me uncover beauty and simplicity that lie at the heart of my issues.  She is a pro at thinking outside the box, and lovingly challenges me to shift my thinking in ways that invite in more miracles, and a whole new way of living!                             Sara N., Singer and Arts Administrator, NY, USA



After a session with Misa, I feel lighter.  I feel motivated and ready to face the challenges of daily life.  I’m left with a feeling of peace, that everything will be fine.  This helps me to look up and forward to the things that are yet to come.            Jennifer, Financial Analyst, Germany

E. Banks

Idaho, USA

Misa is certainly a Spirit Momma.  She has helped me many a time with not only advice, but sometimes just to listen to what's on my mind, or to share something to make me laugh or something positive. Sometimes she just points out different ways of looking at life and she also likes to ask me what it is that I can do to help myself and what changes would help me. She has helped me to learn to meditate as a way to not only reduce things that stress me, but to be more in touch with myself, soul or spiritual self.  And there is so much more, for she has become a great friend to me also.  So, Thank You MY Spirit Momma.

Steven B.

Kansas, USA

Your expression of spirituality feels very genuine and I found myself feeling more inspired and positive after we talked.  Thank you for reminding me to have faith during a challenging time!  

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