Being a Vibrational Antenna

17 Nov No Comments Misa spirituality

Recently I’ve been using a new approach to generating joy, of maintaining well-being, and staying in high vibration.  I’ve been loving it so much, I wanted to share it with you! Like many, I process a lot through my visual senses, and seem to be particularly sensitive to the aesthetics of

Simple Path to a Vibrational Lift

16 Oct No Comments Misa spirituality

Do this, think these thoughts, then imagine this, and shift this, now ponder this, and…  and… hmmm, I’m somehow feeling tense.  I wonder why.   You may have discovered that there are many ways to re-center, reconnect, and raise our vibration.  Walking meditation, simple mindfulness, chanting, dancing…  the list goes on.

The Curious Nature of Manifestation

8 Sep No Comments Misa spirituality

Have you been trying to manifest certain desires in your life without too much success? In this previous post, I share that I was having some success in manifesting, but definitely not in the way that I had imagined.  And in some ways, it was better than imagined! Noticing that there

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