Shaking It Off and Starting Over, NOW

3 Nov No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

When you’re feeling crappy… Maybe you have to go to work and you are so not feeling it.  You need sleep, and you need a boss that cares more. Maybe you had your heart set on this delicious dish and the server just informed you that they were OUT. Maybe

How to make Meditation Appetizing

19 Oct No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

  If incorporating meditation into your days has been on your list but hasn’t happened yet, come join us here as I interview Adriana Ellis, a busy mother and business owner. She describes how she went from skeptical as well as thinking it’s too much for her busy life, to looking

Relationship Cleanse

26 Sep No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

I’m staying with a lovely friend in Stockholm, and reminded of how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life.  Guess what she said to me?  We were talking about our differences as individuals and daily behavior, and she told me that having me stay with her

The You Can Do It Letter

21 Sep No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

This is what I wrote to a friend of mine, who contacted me for a pep talk before going on stage to perform in a play. I’m sharing this with you, to help you get through your own big show, which might be anything from a date that you’re nervous

How To Talk To Others When They Are Being Difficult

14 Sep 2 Comments Misa Miscellaneous

How awful do you feel when you are in conflict with someone close to you? How frustrating is it when they just don’t seem to want to get it?! Attempting to change the other person is a futile pursuit.  They believe what they believe, and any true and beneficial change

When It Matters, It Can Be Scary

25 Aug No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

What is that one thing you would love to do, yet you’re terrified? I knew I had to sing.  But I was terrified. Why?  Because it mattered to me.  It’s my passion, my joy, my gift to the world.  Even though it’s intended to be in the spirit of joy and service, singing

When In Doubt…

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When In Doubt, Go For Some. I’m talking about meditation. How often do you decide not to meditate because of a shortage of time, ultimately to be sacrificing the quality of the rest of your day? Those days when you wake up late, didn’t plan enough time, have some unexpected demands

Sniffles and Surrender

Have you ever had days or even weeks when one thing after another goes wrong? When it seems life is throwing curve balls at you nonstop, leaving you feeling completely disheveled and defeated? If you’re like me, it can take a while before you surrender. Yes, surrender, the juicy kind.  The

Sending Wishy Washy Messages to the Universe

15 Jun No Comments Misa Miscellaneous ,

There’s nothing wrong with no as an answer, but having a muddy answer can have unwanted consequences. Are you announcing your stance with confidence? Here’s what I mean… I had a conversation with someone about the possibility of enrolling in her program.  She very clearly stated that her intention was

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