Sniffles and Surrender

Have you ever had days or even weeks when one thing after another goes wrong? When it seems life is throwing curve balls at you nonstop, leaving you feeling completely disheveled and defeated? If you’re like me, it can take a while before you surrender. Yes, surrender, the juicy kind.  The

Sending Wishy Washy Messages to the Universe

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There’s nothing wrong with no as an answer, but having a muddy answer can have unwanted consequences. Are you announcing your stance with confidence? Here’s what I mean… I had a conversation with someone about the possibility of enrolling in her program.  She very clearly stated that her intention was

Ask them! a, b, or c?

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Need help making a decision? It can be extra hard to make a decision when something matters to you, because you are blinded by your emotional attachment to the situation. In these times, it can be helpful to ask others for help, but BEWARE. You don’t want to ask just anyone!

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