Being a Vibrational Antenna

17 Nov No Comments Misa spirituality

Recently I’ve been using a new approach to generating joy, of maintaining well-being, and staying in high vibration.  I’ve been loving it so much, I wanted to share it with you! Like many, I process a lot through my visual senses, and seem to be particularly sensitive to the aesthetics of

Simple Path to a Vibrational Lift

16 Oct No Comments Misa spirituality

Do this, think these thoughts, then imagine this, and shift this, now ponder this, and…  and… hmmm, I’m somehow feeling tense.  I wonder why.   You may have discovered that there are many ways to re-center, reconnect, and raise our vibration.  Walking meditation, simple mindfulness, chanting, dancing…  the list goes on.

The Curious Nature of Manifestation

8 Sep No Comments Misa spirituality

Have you been trying to manifest certain desires in your life without too much success? In this previous post, I share that I was having some success in manifesting, but definitely not in the way that I had imagined.  And in some ways, it was better than imagined! Noticing that there

Manifesting Not Working… but Happiness Flowed In!

1 Aug No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

Are you feeling like a failure because you keep trying to ‘manifest’ what you desire, with little to no success? I was sucking at manifesting… at least in the sense that is popularly discussed – consciously manifesting exactly what we desire.  Despite some beautiful and amazing aspects of my life, I

Clean Up Your Stress ASAP and AMAP to Avoid THIS

24 May No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

How often do you make sure you are in a relaxed state before taking your first bite?   Recently I’ve been receiving treatments to help my body, which are taking the understanding of allergies to a whole new level.   I want to share specifically about the surprising aspect of how

Hidden Answers To Your Problems

20 Apr No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

You never know how or where your answers will show up. I had so many health issues that persisted despite years and years of pursuing various holistic and allopathic health suggestions to heal my body.  I’d become quite knowledgable about nutrition and digestive health just because for so many years I was

The Story Behind Letting Go

31 Mar No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

“I knew I should just let go…  I could feel the poison spreading throughout my body.  My neck and shoulders ached from tension, my mood plummeted, and the days to come suddenly looked darker.  I felt crappy.  The day was going relatively well, until this. Let it go, I hear.  I’m trying.  Despite a voice in

Making Everyday New Year’s Day

18 Jan No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

I’m a big fan of rituals, when we engage in them intentionally – including New Year’s. It’s a fabulous time for clearing out the old and bringing in the new, for cutting ties with old and outdated patterns and opening up doors to better ways. We are inspired to start afresh, giving ourselves time

Is Your Life Not Getting Easier? What Piece Are You Missing?

11 Nov No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

A lady once told me that despite her spiritual pursuits, her life hadn’t gotten any easier, since new challenges were continually revealed with each new advancement. Her words have stayed with me for years. Was she in the middle of a particularly challenging growth spurt?  Or was she having difficulty accessing a piece of the puzzle?

How To Find The Right Spiritual Practice For You

11 Sep No Comments Misa Miscellaneous

So, you feel called to adopting a spiritual practice!  Maybe you feel a deep calling, but don’t know what’s right for you.  Maybe you’ve been hearing a lot about spirituality and are curious but don’t know where to start.   Today the world around us is changing at a faster

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