MisaSingsI am thrilled to be here, assisting you to provide the best nurturing for both you and your child.  Especially in the early, critical years of your child’s life.  Or when being a mother feels tougher than you ever imagined possible, and when you could both use an extra dose of nurturing.


Supporting you through sharing the art of lullabies is a dream come true for me, where my passion for nurturing combines with my background in the fields of health and spirituality, intuition, singing, and sound healing.


You can find out more here about why I knew I had to sing, as well as my ‘survival’ journey in this world and what unraveled from there.


And here are voices of those whom I’ve supported in one way or another, as a coach, or as a friend.



Professional Biography

Misa ChristinaMisa teaches the art of nurturing through lullabies, with a sound healing approach designed specifically for modern mothers and mothers-to-be.

As a coach, she supports mothers who struggle to feel confidence and joy in their mothering, helping them embody deep presence and nurturing for themselves and their children.

She holds a Master of Arts in Integrative Health Studies with a focus in Sound Voice Healing, a certification in Integrative Wellness Coaching and Integrative Wellness Management, and a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance.  She is an ongoing student at the Foundation for Spiritual Development, and a certified Path of Freedom facilitator – a Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence and integral approach to self-transformation, personal development, and leadership capacity for at-risk and incarcerated youth and adult prisoners.

She enjoys singing sound healing lullabies to children in hospitals and hospice care.

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