I loved to sing.  So much so, that I chose to pursue it professionally.  Trouble was, there was an insecure little girl in me that had longed to be really good at something.  Special enough to ensure love and acceptance in the the world.  And since singing was that one skill that seemed to bring me the approval and recognition I had sought for, how well I sang mattered so much.  Too much.    


No matter how much I practiced, the quality of my singing was day and night, depending on my audience and how nervous I felt.  In fact, the stage freight seemed to worsen with each experience.  It was awful.  It mattered so much to me, yet the harder I tried, the worse it would get.  And I tried hard not to try hard…  


I barely graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance at Westminster Choir College, and I shied away from singing for many years, diving instead into the world of psycho-spiritual-emotional healing, something I was finding to be highly relevant to my singing crisis.


During this hiatus from singing, I had a series of alarming dreams in which I would wake up with tears all over my face and pillow, my heart crying in pain from the lack of singing.  My heart had a clear message for me.  I was facing serious illness if I didn’t start singing again soon.  



I discovered the wonders of singing to children during my studies in Integrative Health Studies with a focus in Sound Voice Healing at California Institute of Integral Studies, and have since had the privilege to sing to many more, including those in hospice care.  Singing to children has provided some of the best medicine for my heart.


Today, I share with you the intuitive process that guides me, as well as a variety of tools to help you explore a style that builds on your strengths and works for YOU, that encourages deep connection and presence with your child and maximizes the healing benefits of sound.  You’ll be surprised how little it has to do with ‘singing,’ and how much it has to do with letting love flow through you and into your voice!  



I don’t want to take your precious time right now to go into my whole life story.  So let’s just say life felt like a huge struggle for a long time, and included eating disorders and weight issues, having little or no self-esteem, no friends, feeling misfit in this world, depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies…  numerous and persistent physical problems that made me feel like an old granny in my 20’s…  


In fact, studying Integrative Health during graduate school was partially in pursuit of answers to my troubling health, and focused my research on spirituality – because so much seemed to ultimately come down to the stress of not trusting that life had my back, and on intuition – because so often the popular and recommended solutions didn’t work for me and I was desperate.  



I’ve spent plenty of time stuck in mundane issues, and I’ve also experienced some crazy amazing wonders of life, the kind that are often referred to as miracles, or not believed at all by some.  Some of these phenomenal experiences have emerged directly in connection with deep challenges.

Finding the miraculous in the mundane … that‘s a tough one for many of us, but happy to chat with you about it at some point 🙂


Today, I marry my training as a coach with my studies in spiritual and personal growth to guide mothers to heartfelt solutions, especially in times of deep struggle.



© 2014 Misa Christina