Have you been learning everything you can to be a good parent…
but still not confident that you’re a good mother?
Is it sabotaging the quality of your presence?

You are in the right place:

  • If you find yourself reading everything on parenting and still feel unsure, still don’t feel confident as a mother, even feeling like you’re doing a poor job.
  • If you find yourself tense and in your head despite your desire to be intuitive and in the flow, overwhelmed with trying to make decisions from a purely mental space, hoping to logically figure out the best path but never feeling truly confident in your choices
  • If you are a new mother, feeling lost and overwhelmed by how your life has changed big time!
  • If you have frustrations or dislikes around life as a mother, wanting to simply escape or unwind the clock at times, and feeling terribly guilty or ashamed.
  • If you are going through a rough time and realize that it is vital to your children’s health and development that you are feeling truly supported, infused with hope, trust and confidence, and dancing with joy as much as possible.
  • If you’re forgetting to, or having a hard time to relax, and enjoy – a key factor to creating a nurturing environment for your child


What it takes to be a mother is often downplayed.  Yes, it’s been done throughout history, by the majority of women who have lived.  But even the most child-loving, thrilled mother-to-be is usually shocked at how different reality is to the picture she had held.  Depending on the country you live in, social structures lack severely in supporting mothers.  Men, even the most willing and capable, are not taught how to fully support a new mother, and the support that women used to rely on –  sisterhood, friendly connection with neighbors and safe communities, extended families that live close, etc. – are no longer a regular resource for many women.  And depending on your child’s character and constitution, it can be more challenging than any of us want to imagine…

Add to that, the vast amount of information, knowledge and suggestions and choices available to us today, especially with digitally accessible books, social media, webinars, Youtube, online courses…


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, feel incompetent, to lose sight of the bigger picture, to get uptight or stuck in your head…  compromising your ability to be fully present with your child, to provide an uplifting and nurturing environment, and to stay relaxed enough to fully enjoy your child in her precious years, especially if you want the best for your child and try to learn and do everything in your power to provide the best.

In a world of rapid change, overstimulation and chaos, it is more important than ever to trust, to feel fully supported and stay inspired through tough times, and be able to come back to a calm and confident space where you can tune into the best guidance for you and your children.


I’m here to help you fully acknowledge what you are experiencing, to help you hold deep love and compassion for yourself and your child, to remind you of your strength and divine nature, to provide you with hope and inspiration to keep going, and to help you stay connected to your highest, most relaxed and joyful self for the sake of your children.  

© 2014 Misa Christina